Emotions: A guide for our lives

Every day we live moments that we are experiencing difficulty to express our feelings( συναισθήματα ).

Maybe is easier to express our thoughts rather than our feelings, we use only the logic and not emotion?( συναισθήματα )

When we are born, we easily express our feelings ex: as babies we can cry if we want to feed, pay attention to us or smile if we are happy (if they fulfilled our wishes) or express our anger crying.

But when we grow we tend to suppress our emotions, for example Men have learned that you should not cry so you look strong by following the social requirements.

Eventually, this attitude makes our lives easier or harder? What we fear? What will happen if we express our real emotions? What we fear is what others may think about us and what picture they will form about us. So based on the example above, men do not cry to not consider them weak.

We tend to forget that the expression of our emotions is an essential element in our communication, and helps us to understand the emotional state of fellow, but we focus on using terms “strong-weak”, which does not correspond to reality.

Ultimately who is the weak and who is the strong? The one that suppress his feelings or the other that express his feelings? This is a distortion of reality, as the man who expresses his feelings implies consciousness, knowledge of oneself, the ability to know what it feels every time and expresses it in an appropriate manner.

There is a range of feelings from positive as joy, excitement, love, satisfaction, happiness and negative as sadness, frustration, resentment, anger, anxiety. All these feelings have their usefulness in helping us to understand the situations we experience.

It is very important to allow ourselves to experience and to express and contribute to maintaining our mental health, provided that positive emotions are balanced against the negatives. Certainly there are some periods in our lives where the negative outweighs the positive emotions such as bereavement, loss in situations where there again these feelings help us to process issues that concern us to move forward in our lives enough not to steer them and only then can lead to pathological situations.

So one observes that emotions are a valuable guide in our lives. Could be characterized as a  priceless treasure, and when we discover it we will get a unique sense of self. For this, you should dare to express not only the logic but also your feelings, therefore emotional intelligence won the hearts and minds of more and more people.